Cycles Remastered EP


Cycles Remastered EP


Released January 2016

Track listing:

1. It Is Written (Remastered)
2. No Apologies (Remastered)
3. Checked Out (Remastered)
4. Just Fine (Remastered)

Album Notes:

This album is unique in it’s ability to map time. The order of the four songs are the order in which they were written. However, the music was taken from different point in time over the years. 

The first song, "It is Written," is a story about meeting someone you instantly feel is meant for you. It’s optimistic, exciting, and hesitant. It was soon after Kyna (lead vocals) fell madly in love with who she thought was her life partner. The guitar riff, however, was written years before. It was saved on Josh’s (guitarist) looper pedal as something that he could someday revisit. The first time he played it with the band, Alex (bass) and Chris (drums) were immediately on board and Kyna instantly knew the emotion it was evoking out of her, happiness.

We move on to “No Apologies” and it’s a totally different vibe. It’s angry with the music going in and out of calm and intense clearly describing the part of a relationship when you have started doing irreparable damage to each others trust. You try to stay rational within the waves of pain. The male chorus at the end is powerful as it implies that everyone can go through this kind of frustration.

“Checked Out” is all about that feeling one gets when they are so damn tired of trying, starting over, failing, and needing to try again with a partner, a new partner, or even just ones self. This is Kyna’s personal favorite. The music in this one is often compared to something that Incubus might do. This was a great collaborative effort of every member in the band. This was the first song where The Go Ahead had a audial concept of a song before they started writing. Most of their music is either brought in with an idea, or something brought out of a jam during practice. This one TGA specifically wanted to have a chorus that had one long vocal note over a super rock n roll instrumental progression. Even though the lyrics are all about giving up on an idea, the production of the music is all about trying something new and being really determined to create a specific sound.

The last song on their Cycles EP, aptly named for the cycles we all go through during heartbreak and loss, is the final stage. It’s still heartbroken but it delves into the strange world of acceptance and coming to terms. Kyna wrote the lyrics and melody on her own while sulking in Texas, teary eyed, recording it on her phone. She came to Chris and was excited about the melody she had come up with. He wondered if it would match up with a song he wrote on guitar four years prior. When the two were placed on top of each other, it was a perfect fit. It only seems fitting that a song that is all about coming to an acceptance has truly come full circle with time. The ending is the beginning. It’s an emotionally powerful song with a layered chorus of all the members singing, “We all want to live in love, we all want to find happiness,” which is a sentiment that is hard to refute.

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