"[The Go Ahead] have embraced the fact that they love different sounds and rebel against being placed in a box. Each of the band members brings a different talent and collectively they combined all their uniqueness to create a sound that will propel beyond the norm into their own stratosphere."
~The Urban Release | October 10, 2016 (cover story)~

“It Is Written” demonstrates the group's interest in playing with melodic choices that evoke the vibes of jazz and blues on the fronts of both instrumentals and vocals."
~GigTown Music | June 21, 2016~

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: “Habitual” by The Go Ahead
“Habitual” is a solid step forward from their debut EP Cycles."
~The Owl Mag | June 3, 2016~

"While in the pursuit of dominating the alternative rock world with the 2016 re-release of their debut EP, Cycles, San Francisco’s The Go Ahead have added a cover to their arsenal."
~Under The Gun Review | April 6, 2016~

Cycles by The Go Ahead
"They don’t really disappoint throughout the EP, especially on “Checked Out” where the instrumentation makes the album’s greatest triumph. "
~Music Blog For Wolves | February 21, 2016~

The Go Ahead Move Through Some Emotional Cycles
~Golden Mixtape | February 16, 2016~

 News: SA MUSIC SCENE Premieres THE GO AHEAD  "Checked Out" Video
~Breathing The Core | February 3, 2016~

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Go Ahead – Checked Out
"The Go Ahead is one of those bands that prove that there is no need to use “female-fronted” as a qualifier because they deliver a sound that rivals some established male-dominated alternative rock bands."
~SA Music Scene | February 2, 2016~

Daily Feature: The Go Ahead -- San Francisco four-piece, high-energy rock
"Big things are afoot for this talented foursome that are known for combining various genres into a driving rock force, with a sultry and soulful front-woman that demands your attention."
~Showspark | January 22, 2016~

Bands Interviewing Bands: The Go Ahead & Charlie Wolf and the Small Calamities
~Cliché Magazine | January 22, 2016~

News: SPILL MAGAZINE Premieres THE GO AHEAD "About To Burst" Video
~Breathing The Core | January 7, 2016~

"This band is certainly starting 2016 off with a BANG!!"
~Spill Magazine | January 6, 2016~

Rockers The Go Ahead release new track, About To Burst
"The song [About To Burst] will definitely have you hooked with mesmerizing vocals and emotionally driven lyrics."
~Music Junkie Press | January 6th, 2016~

Jesus and the Rabbis – Unity at Last
"The Lovely Wise, the moniker of the lead singer, has a soulful voice. When she really gets into it, there’s a little James Brown in her soul."
~SF Gate | January 13, 2011~

"You guys are hot. Good, good stuff.”
~Thomas Pridgen | The Mars Volta (via text)~

"They force hooks into your brain before you even know what happened. San Francisco knocked it out of the park this time.  The topping of this funk rock stew is a formidable force of female vocal fireworks equal parts Grace Slick, Mick Jagger and Gwen Stefani."
~Ryan Brown | Bay Area Personality~

"I was taken by the fresh energy on stage.  Kyna leads the journey of familiar (and original?) tunes with a wildness of passion and a voice and spirit as whimsical and sincere as Janis Joplin and sexy and powerful as Beyonce. The band is right there with her... playing their hearts out and throwing in some fancy licks, creating a sound that leaves you wanting more!"
~Joegh Bullock | Anon Events~